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Static functions

Returns Prototype
UDPSocket Create()
UDPSocket Create(number port)


Returns Prototype
Bind(number port)
Receive(object class, function callback)
Receive(function callback)
Send(string IP, number port, string message)

Example of a receiver

local server = UDPSocket.Create()  -- Creation of the socket
server:Bind(1734)                  -- Binding of the socket to the port 1734
function Receive(args)
        print(args.ip)      -- The IP this packet comes from.
        print(args.port)    -- The port this message comes through.
        print(args.bytes)   -- The size of the packet.
        print(args.text)    -- The actual message of the packet (to transfer tables you can use json).
	server:Close()      -- For some reason the socket will only accept one packet, so we have to destroy and recreate it.
	server = nil
	server = UDPSocket.Create()
server:Receive(Receive)     -- Adding the receive-handler

Example of a sender

local client = UDPSocket.Create()               -- Create the socket.
client:Send("", 1734, "Hello there.")  -- Send a packet to the IP "" (to ourselves) on port 1734 with the message "Hello there."
client:Close()                                  -- Close the socket.