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Server and client

Returns    boolean
Prototype    IsValid(object object)
Description    Returns true if object exists.

Client only

Returns    boolean
Prototype    IsValid(object object, boolean)
Description    Returns true if object exists. The boolean is whether to check if the object is also streamed in (near the local player). Default is true.


A common use of this function is to make sure Player references are still around. For instance, if you store a Player somewhere and they disconnect, you still have that Player variable. If you try to call functions on it, you will get a null reference error. You can use IsValid to determine if your Player variable is still good or not.


Simple test to see if the default world is valid.

--> true

Additional Notes

  • Works for all types.
  • Returns false if the argument is nil.
  • Types that can become invalid references:
    • Player
    • Vehicle
    • Checkpoint
    • World
    • StaticObject
    • GWEN classes