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Lua/Tutorials/Client-side scripts

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Client-side scripts work very similarly to server scripts. The server automatically sends clients scripts when they join, and also when a module is reloaded. But other than that, the only difference is the classes and functions available. Clients cannot spawn vehicles or set their own health, for example; server scripts must do that.

Render event

An important feature of client-side scripts is the ability to render text, images, and primitives. The Render and PostRender events are where you should call drawing functions. They will not work anywhere else.

Draw a red dot in the center of the screen

function Foo()
	Render:FillCircle(Render.Size / 2, 5, Color(255, 0, 0))
Events:Subscribe("Render", Foo)

This is the most simple example. The Render:FillCircle function takes a Vector2 for screen position in pixels, a number for the circle radius, and a color. Render.Size is a Vector2 that is the size of the screen in pixels. If we divide that by two, we get the center of the screen. The radius is also in pixels.

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