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Feature Overview

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  • Scripting system using the simple but powerful Lua language. Use server-side and client-side scripts to create anything from a spawn menu to entire gamemodes. For more information click here
  • Server browser allows you to easily find a server and keep track of your favorites.
  • Steam authentication: your JC2-MP account is tied to your steam account, which allows servers to keep track of players by Steam ID.
  • An optimised network streamer means a server can support thousands of players and vehicles across Panau.


With synchronization we mean that some of your actions might not show on another players screen. For example "grapple hook is not synced" means that if I use the grapple hook on my screen other players will not see the grapple hook.

What is synced?

  • On-foot movement
  • On-foot weapons
  • Vehicle movement
  • Vehicle weapons
  • Vehicle mounted weapons (such as turrets in jeeps)
  • Vehicle spawns
  • Vehicle colors
  • Vehicle damage
  • Stunt position
  • Time
  • Weather
  • Character models
  • Parachute

What is not synced?

  • Fixed Mounted Guns (Cannon / Flak Cannon / Fixed Mini-Gun)
  • Grappling hook
  • Persistent destroyed structures
  • Unoccupied vehicles
  • Thrown explosives and melee
  • Dual wielding

As JC2-MP is in development, you can expect this list to change.