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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you crashing instantly or having issues playing the mod? Please check the troubleshooting page.

General FAQ

What version of the game do I need to play the mod?

Only the purchased Steam version is supported.

Please see this page for more information.

Are pirated copies supported?

No, pirated copies are absolutely not supported.

Are there AI / NPCs?

Yes, but not in the same sense as in the single player. Server owners / scripters can create NPCs that do scripted things.

My game keeps crashing!

While the nature of the mod means there will be crashes that are extremely difficult to track down, there seems to be a common issue with Windows 7 and the Steam overlay that causes random crashes when playing. See here.

Is Steam Family Sharing supported?

No, you must own Just Cause 2 on your own account.

Does the demo work?

No, you can not play the mod with the Just Cause 2 demo.

Does this work on PS3/Xbox 360?

No, and it won't. Ever.

Will JC2-MP affect my single-player game?

No, the mod does not affect your game saves in any way.

Is JC2-MP free to play?

Yes, the mod is completely free to download and play.

How do you chat?

Press 'T'.

Can I use mods while playing JC2-MP?

Mods from singleplayer cannot be used in multiplayer. Period. However, in some cases, similar functionality can be scripted using the Lua API.

How do I open the map?

Press F1.

How do I hide the chat?

Press F3.

How often do vehicles respawn?

By default, vehicles respawn after 45 seconds of unuse. If a vehicle explodes, it will respawn within 8 seconds. These can be changed in the server config.

It is also worth noting that vehicles can only be damaged when there's a player driving them.

Can I access the black market?

No. The black market from singleplayer will not be in the mod. Its functionality will be scriptable using Lua.

In fact, the buy menu script is a perfect example of a black market replacement.

Is the JC2-MP team accepting donations?

Yes, we are currently accepting donations to cover hosting costs. You can donate here.

Server Hosting FAQ

Can LAN-only servers be hosted?

Yes, servers can be hosted on a LAN network. Unless your server is exposed to the internet, then it is already LAN-only.

Please note that the LAN tab in the server browser in-game is currently not working properly and you will need to use quick connect.

How do servers handle DLC?

It is up to server owners themselves whether to require players to own DLC or not.

Which resources does the server need?

Please see this page for more information.

What are "featured servers"?

Featured servers are servers that appear on the Featured panel of the main menu, as chosen by the JC2-MP staff. For more information, please see the Featured Server Requests forum topic.