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Lua/Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I spawn objects other than vehicles and checkpoints?

Yes! Have a look at StaticObject.

How do I draw custom images?

The most common method is to use Image.Create(AssetLocation.Base64, "<base64 string>").

There is an images directory on the client, you can load any images in there with Image.Create. I.e. for images/horse.jpg, the path for Image.Create would be horse.jpg.

You can also use .zip files and a dropzone directory. (This is not Just Cause 2's dropzone.) Modules can only use the .zip file with their name. I.e. for dropzone/, the path for Image.Create would be horse.jpg

Is it possible to stream images to clients automatically?

Yes! Though they must be converted into base64 first. See the Image.Create Documentation. We plan on adding Steam Workshop support in a later release, which will allow clients to automatically download assets.

Can chat messages have multiple colors?

No, the default chat system currently only supports one color for custom messages.

Can vehicle handling be changed?

You cannot do what singleplayer mods can, such as change the top speed to whatever you want. However, for agency vehicles, you can set their upgrades by setting their template. (See Vehicle.Create) Agency vehicles are the ones that you can spawn in singleplayer, such as the Silverbolt and Traver-Z.

Most agency vehicles take the following vehicle templates:

  • Default
  • WeaponUpgrade0
  • WeaponUpgrade1
  • FullyUpgraded

Note: WeaponUpgrade0/WeaponUpgrade1 still upgrade the handling, even if the weapon doesn't change.

Can weapon stats be changed?

No, not currently.

What unit of distance does the game use?

Everything uses meters.

Does the API use degrees or radians?

Everything uses radians. You can use the Lua functions math.rad(degrees) and math.deg(radians) to convert numbers between the two. If you want the string representation of an Angle in degrees, you can use Angle:DegreesString.

I don't know how to compile lua modules, do you have any redistributables?

Yes, a list can be found here.