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Command Parameters Description
announce 0/1 Toggle the server's ability to announce its presence to the world.
ban playername Ban a player.
description string Changes the server description as shown in the server browser.
exit Stop the server.
kick playername Kick a player.
load modulename Load a Lua module.
loadall Load all Lua modules.
lua modulename code Execute Lua code for a given module.
name string Changes the server name as shown in the server browser.
profiler_sample seconds Profiles all running modules for milliseconds used and number of events ran.
quit Stop the server.
reload modulename Reload a Lua module.
reloadall Reload all Lua modules.
reloadbans Reload banlist from bans.txt.
password string Changes the password.
say text Output a message to the chat.
unload modulename Unload a Lua module.
unloadall Unload all Lua modules.
x Stop the server.