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Server/Getting started/Windows Server/SteamCMD

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Welcome to the JC2-MP Windows server tutorial. This page will explain the very basics of setting up a Windows server using SteamCMD.

Downloading SteamCMD

First we need to download SteamCMD. For more information on SteamCMD please click here

Download and extract SteamCMD to an appropriate directory.

Running SteamCMD and downloading the server

Double click SteamCMD.exe. It will update and it might download some files, wait until it finishes.

Then it's time to login with an anonymous Steam account to get access to the server

login anonymous

Now let's download the latest server version!

force_install_dir C:/jcmp/
app_update 261140

It will now download the latest server version. Once it is done downloading we can safely exit SteamCMD.


Installing the required redists

The JC2-MP server requires the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012. These are packaged with the server and can be executed from _CommonRedist\vcredist\2012\vcredist_x86.exe.

If you are installing from the Steam client, rather than SteamCMD, this will automatically be installed by Steam. If you are installing from SteamCMD, you must install the redistributable otherwise the server will not be able to launch.

Changing the server options

Navigate to your installation path (Assuming you used the above commands exactly, this will be C:/jcmp/). You can use your favorite text editor to edit the config.lua file.

Every possible server option is explained in the configuration file. Simply follow the instructions.

Starting up the server

Now that we have successfully downloaded the server and configured it, we can now start it up.

Double click JcmpServer.exe. It should now say that the server has successfully started.

You are now ready to play on your own server and you can start adding scripts and gamemodes.

Updating the server

To update the server to the latest version we will need to run SteamCMD again.

First browse to your Steam directory and open SteamCMD.exe.

Now let's update to the latest server version!

force_install_dir c:/jcmp/
app_update 261140

You can now quit SteamCMD.


Congratulations your server is now updated to the latest version!