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Server hosts

This page will list hosts that you can use for JC2-MP hosting. Please note this is merely a list, we do not vouch for any of these hosts.

How to add a host

Simply login into this wiki by using the "Click here to login with your JC2-MP account" link at the right top and edit this page. If you offer both gameservers and VPSes / Dedicated servers, you can add your host to both tables. Please do not remove any hosts you do not know, open a forum topic to do this instead. Hosts need to at least have a website and fixed pricing to be listed here. Using any referral URLs is not allowed unless it goes to JC2-MP to cover our server costs. The server hosts are sorted by alphabetical order, so add your host at the correct place in the table. Please use preview to make sure it looks properly before saving.

Gameserver hosts

The hosts listed here offer gameserver hosting, which means they manage the servers and run the JC2-MP server for you. This means you do not have to worry about the servers, networking, firewalls, updates and generally get access to a control panel that allows you to easily manage your JC2-MP server. Please note that the features listed previously are usually the case but not guaranteed, contact a host if you want to make sure about certain features you need.

Host Price per slot Min. slots Max. slots Setup time Locations Notes
AllGamer, LLC 0.16 USD 50 1500 < 24 hours US Pay less per-slot when you buy bigger servers, custom control panel (Free 36-hour server trial)
APEX GameServers 0.08 USD 30 1000 Instant FR 3 Months = 10% off :: 6 Months = 20% off :: Visit our (Steam Group for our latest deals) Free Anti-DDOS, Free MySQL Database, Low Ping, 24/7 Support :: Use Code 500FOR20 for 500 slots for $20!
CJServerHosting 0.13 GBP 20 1000 < 24 Hours FR Hosted in France with High Speed Connection, Giving you a lag free experience!!
CTHosted 0.13 EUR 25 1000 Instantly NL High quality Game Servers hosted in The Netherlands 0.24 USD 20 1000 Instantly NL, DE, UK, FR, IT, ES, US, JP, ZA, AU Discount for paying long term 0.22 USD 20 1000 Instantly US, UK, EU Pure SSD dedicated servers. Award winning support and reliability. DDoS protection and mitigation. Special deals for large orders. 11 Locations. 3 RUB 20 1000 Instantly RU - Reliable and fast-growing hosting game servers. Our clients has a convenient multi-functional control panel to configure their server and web. 3 RUB/1 UAH 30 1000 Instantly RU/UA - Full access to the server via FTP, convenient control panel. 0.10 USD 30 1000 < 24 hours FR Powerful Panel, 99.99% Uptime, Kickass Network, All-inclusive monitoring, Free MYSQL Database,

SSD. 0,16 EUR 40 2000 Instantly DE The server starts with the shown slots on the webpage * 10 0.05 GBP 50 1000 Instantly FR, US, UK Free webhosting for customers, free MYSQL database. Promotional code 50% off first month : U0JE40GDX8. DDoS mitigation on the France Node. 0.15 USD 50 1500 Instant US Powerful dedicated game and voice servers on low ping gaming optimized networks. (Just Cause 2 Server Page)
Streamline Servers 0.20 USD 20 1500 Instant AU, DE, NZ, SG, US Streamline Servers established in 2007, is already renowned for its reliability and quality products in the international market
XFRAG NETWORKS 0.14 GBP 20 1000 Instant UK 100Gbps DDoS protection, free MySQL Database.
HCGCloud 0.50 CNY 20 1000 < 12 hours CN Multiple billing methods are available, DDos protection, support MySQL Database.

VPS / Dedicated server hosts

The hosts listed here offer VPSes and/or dedicated servers, which are unmanaged machines that need to be configured, updated and maintained by you using SSH/RDP. They do not come with a control panel and it's entirely up to you to install the JC2-MP server and requirements. Please note that the features listed previously are usually the case but not guaranteed, contact a host if you want to make sure about certain features you need.

Host VPS Dedicated Setup time Locations Notes
AllGamer, LLC Yes Yes Instantly US Setup time for dedicated servers is < 24 hours, personal instance of custom control panel available on request
CreeperHost Yes Yes Instantly UK / US (various) / NZ / HK VPS are instant, Dedi's vary by location. There is a one click install for JC2-MP and Server Console support in our Control Panel.
CTHosted Yes Yes Instantly NL VPS servers are deployed instantly, setup time for dedicated servers is < 48 hours.
DigitalOcean Yes No Instantly US, NL, UK, Singapore Billed per hour
HyperHost Yes Yes < 6 Hours AU VPS take up to six hours to set up, dedicated servers maximum 10 business days.
NodeJungle Yes No Instantly US Use coupon code jcmpdeal at checkout to receive 25% off
Ramnode Yes No Instantly US, NL
Rock-Server Yes Yes Instantly DE VPS, dedicated servers and gameserver take up to 1 hour to set up.
XFRAG NETWORKS Soon Yes Instant UK All our servers come with 1Gbps Uplink and 600 Gbps DDoS Protection as standard. Setup time for our dedicated servers is up to 48 hours.