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Server/Installing scripts

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Scripts should be installed to scripts/. They are automatically loaded on server startup. You can reload a script using the reload console command, such as reload nametags.

If you are installing a script named AwesomeScript, the resulting directory structure should look similar to the following:

  • JcmpServer/
    • scripts/
      • AwesomeScript/
        • server/
          • SomeLuaFile.lua
        • client/
        • shared/

The server/, client/, and shared/ directories may contain .lua files, but none are required; nametags only uses the client directory, for instance.

The server may come with a default_scripts directory, which contains some useful and common scripts, such as nametags. You can also find updated scripts on the official GitHub page [1]. You will need to either rename the default_scripts/ directory or copy the contents into the scripts/ directory.

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